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Club GT

We inspire supercar owners to new achievements. Together we learn new possibilities of the world, cars and master new hobbies.

Our goal

Become your guide to the world of motorsport.


About us

The Supercar Owners Club brings together both professional pilots and amateurs. Brunches, rallies and evening events are held on a regular basis. «Together we master new hobbies, explore new possibilities of the world and inspire each other. Club GT is your guide to the world of motorsport.»
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Февраль 01

Ilya Kashin and Boris Kostyrko became second in the overall classification of the Monte Carlo Historic Rally

Январь 21

For Roman Mavlanov, the year started with a podium in 6H Abu Dhabi 2023

Август 28
Arkhangelskoye Museum Estate


Май 15
DK Racing Garage

Meeting in DK Racing

Апрель 21
Yota Arena

Finalists of the V Sport Business Awards

Март 27

Meeting at the Leaders Club

Март 01
Moscow Russia

Ekaterina Karsakova, president of Club GT for Robb Report magazine

Ladies of business. Interview with Ekaterina Karsakova

Октябрь 16
Kazan Russia

Rally Mira i Dobra Kazan 2021

Октябрь 10
Moscow Russia

KAMISHMASH museum and brunch at La Colline restaurant

Сентябрь 17
Moscow Russia

Forbes. Club GT Rally 2021 overview

Безопасные гонки: как проходило ралли Club GT-2021

Август 29
Moscow Russia

CLUB GT Rally 2021

Март 27
Expedition restaurant Moscow, Russia

Spring Brunch in Restaurant Expedition

Март 14
Lake Baikal Ice

Speed Days on Lake Baikal Ice

Февраль 14
Kaspersky Lab Moscow, Russia

Winter Brunch with Kaspersky team

Online forum with Formula-1 racers

Январь 30
Moscow Russia

«Ice&Steak» Porsche Club Moscow event

Off-road rally

Декабрь 20

Sasha Frolova's art project "Moskvich's Dream"

Ноябрь 20
Vadim Zadorozhniy museum Moscow, Russia

Vadim Zadorozhniy Automotive Museum Brunch

Members Meeting

Ноябрь 15
Moscow, Russia

Kalashnikov Weekend

Октябрь 16
Kazan Expo

Rally Mira i Dobra 2020 Kazan

Октябрь 04
Vodniy Restaurant Moscow, Russia

Brunch in Vodный

Август 09

Luxury Road Rally 2020

50 sports cars took part in the rally in Moscow

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Thank you very much for your interest in CLUB GT. We will be glad to welcome you as a participant of our club.

To join the club, you need to have a sports car and two recommendations from the club members.

All information will be strictly confidential.

If you have any questions, please email


Ekaterina Karsakova - The President of CLUB GT

It is said that some people are born with a golden spoon in their mouths, but I seem to have been born with a steering wheel in my hands.

Cars are my greatest love in life, often growing into passion!